8th International TOCPA Conference, 26-27 October 2013, Moscow, Russia


The 8th International TOCPA Conference took place in Moscow, Russia on 26-27 October 2013 with support of TOC Strategic Solutions.

Program of the 8th International TOCPA Conference

Pdf from the 8th International TOCPA Conference

Photos from the 8th International TOCPA Conference

The conference featured 16 presentations by established TOC Experts and Practitioners from South Africa, Great Britain, Israel, Ukraine, Russia, Lithuania, and Estonia.


It was yet another significant professional upgrade and get together of international TOC experts and practitioners discussing recent developments and specific issues in TOC implementations. The conference was run in English and Russian with synchronic translation.

The program covered the following subjects:

  • The critical role of TOC measurements
  • Applying TOC in Public Sector
  • Results of using TOC for Supply Chain Management
  • ТОС for education, personal development and mediation
  • Developing Value Offers
  • Project Management the TOC way
  • Important lessons of pilot projects
  • The role of production planning

All materials available on the TOCPA site are the intellectual property of their authors and cannot be reproduced in any other media and used for any purposes without the prior permission in writing of the authors.


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