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Jelena Fedurko-Cohen, Humberto Baptista & Oded Cohen: Talking about Thinking Processes for Supply Chain

Part 1: Understanding the Core Cloud for Supply Chain In the recent webinar The Layers of Supply Chain Synchronization, Humberto touched upon several issues regarding TP for Supply Chain, and the two webinars presented on this page are the continuation of this discussion.   Webinar Part 1 is the exchange of views between Jelena and Humberto. […]


Jelena Fedurko-Cohen: Webinar Series on Thinking Processes and Understanding the Constraint

Scroll down to see recordings of Jelena’s earlier webinars, videos, blog posts and discussions. Webinar 7: “About the Cosntraint – in a Simple Way”, 11 Feb. 2020 Pdf of Webinar “About the Constraint in a Simple Way” Webinar 6: “Insights into 5 Focusing Steps: Talking about the Constraint”, 12 Nov. 2019 Pdf of Webinar 6 […]


Oded Cohen’s Webinars

Webinar: The historical view of the development of the concept of the Constraint 12 February 2020 PDF Webinar:  Some thoughts about “Why Change”, by Oded & Jelena 22 October 2018 In this webinar Oded and Jelena share their thoughts about why it is often difficult to bring change to organizations and make it sustain.  PDF […]