B2B Marketing and Sales using TOC as an example – Barry Urban’s Master Class, 16 August 2016, South Africa

On the 16th August 2016, within the framework of the 27th International TOCPA Conference in South Africa, Barry Urban conducts a one-day master class B2B Marketing and Sales using TOC as an example – a hands-on practical workshop.

Selling TOC will be used as an example but the participants will be expected to work on their own businesses during the workshop so that they have a good idea of how to go back and market their business by the end of the master class.

  • What is the “WHY” of your business?
  • Defining your target market
  • Choosing your marketing strategy
  • Building your prospect list
  • Exchange of value principles
  • Making contact
  • The sales process
  • Building the future

Register at nicholas@tocsa.co.za


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