Gijs Andrea: TOC for Service Organization


The pdf of the material used in the webinar

Comments and questions discussed at the end of the webinar:

Good webinar. Thank you. One thing: Have you heard of John Seddon? He suggests that using standard durations for work is counterproductive. Instead he suggests what you discussed in enhancing the flow is enough.

Henry Camp


If someone is waiting (in order to prevent an efficiency syndrome) the utilization drops (on purpose). But shouldn’t we be aware of tipping points when some is waiting reeaaaalllllly long… and thus ALSO look on utilisation in some situations.

Pieter Buwalda


In the criteria for the general solution, i noticed they are strictly referred to “production” process. Are you assuming that people involved in the process have the same level of skills/competence? If not, how can you solve this? Thx a lot, good webinar.

Salvatore Longo


When you have to choose: assign resources to do the ordinary work today or improvement work in the future: how do you recommend to choose the priority between long term (improvement of future performance) and short term (need to do now) goals?

Andrius Melninkaitis


How do deal with issues with respect to decision making level and risk management at senior level, instead of product/service flow (delivery / throughput) at operational level?

Ilesh Shah