Carol Ptak: The Search for Relevant Information


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Comments and questions discussed at the end of the webinar:

Great webinar, Carol! You can reconcile internal reporting (as you have described) to external GAAP reporting income statements and balance sheet reports so there is only one.

Charlene Spoede Budd 


Carol how to ensure people understand that unit cost REDUCTION do nor increase ROI?

Alejandro Fernandez


Carol, you said DDMRP is based on many pillars. One of them is TOC. What’s the link(s) TOC misses?

Bruno Lins


How to reconciliate the need of speed in a lean environment with flow protection through buffers? Can kanban technique have a role inside DDMRP?

Guiseppe Lovecchio


What is the main reason to reach to a different elements and way to manage the Buffers under DDMRP? Normally what time does it takes to have all the DDMRP model in place? I loved to hear back again that Thoughtware is always first and foremost important than Software, especially in this world of APPS…

Jorge Ramirez