Dr. Alan H. Leader


Our dear friend, Dr. Alan Leader, died on Sunday 11th March, 2012 in his home in Seattle in the USA. We all have lost a good, loving, intelligent, wonderful man.


I met Alan in October 1994 in a Jonah-Jonah program we ran in AGI in New Haven. Alan then was the Dean of the School of Business and Economics at Southern Connecticut State University.  He was involved with TOC since the late 1980’s. Alan was extremely enthusiastic about TOC in general and especially for the thinking processes. Alan was very dominant in the program, focused and devoted to the learning and the deepening of the understanding.


For Alan TOC has been instrumental with the pursue of his goal to help people learn and apply rules of logic and common sense to everyday life.  He moved to Seattle to teach in Seattle University where he continued to teach and promote TOC in the academic environment.


Alan has been actively involved with TOCICO as the chair of the Thinking Processes Committee. He joined Goldratt Schools as a faculty member and taught in the logistics Application Expert Programs around the world contributing with his wealth of knowledge, passion for learning and delivering deep insights to our students. Everybody loved him and appreciated his contribution.

Alan did a magnificent work in editing and contributing to the TOC books that we have put together in the last few years and has been doing so until not long ago.


Alan was full of energy, optimism and an incredible passion for learning and understanding. It so happened that many of the TOCICO conferences were around his birthday and it was always a pleasure to have a gathering to celebrate these occasions.


We miss you Alan.


May your memory be blessed!