Theory of Constraint Practitioners Alliance

Third International TOCPA Conference

24-25 November 2012, Moscow


Third International TOCPA Conference is conducted in 9 sections:

  • ТОС for Project Management
  • ТОС for working with the market
  • ТОС for Strategic Development
  • Integrating TOC in Building Company Measurement System
  • Modeling Business Process for TOC Logistical Solutions ТОС для производства
  • TOC for Production     
  • Applying TOC to the Law Courts System

Where are we now? Further steps in the companies that shared their TOC experience at previous TOCPA conferences

  • New Technical Applications for TOC Logistical Solutions


The conference is conducted in the English and Russian languages with simultaneous translation.

The venue – Moscow, business hotel Proton, Novozavodskaya Str 22.

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