39th TOCPA International Conference, 12-13 April 2018, Bogota, Colombia


The 39th TOCPA International Conference in Bogota was a great professional event. It is the third time that Piensalo Colombia has hosted the TOCPA Conference.

Pdf materials of the 39th TOCPA International Conference

The 39th conference:

Oded Cohen, Israel/Estonia, reinforced the power of TOC in the current globalized world.

James Holt, USA, presented Visual CCPM for the masses.

Daniel Ortiz, teacher and consultant from Venezuela presented a bridge between TOC and common financial measurements.

Mauricio Vanegas, CEO of Azulk, Bogota, explained how TOC common sense have supported them to have an ever flourishing company applying TOC, now with 30% of market share in detergents, competing with P&G and Unilever.

Cesar Henao from Airplan, Medellin, shared how to train subcontractors to work as a team planning using Exepron to build airports expansions.

Jaime Marún, TOC consultant from Barranquilla, shared his improvements for buffer adjustments.

Hector de Bernardo, Mexico, shared his experiences as a TOC consultant. If there are so many mistakes why we keep doing the same ones?

Sandra and Freddy from HL Ingenieros, Bogota, shared their experience implementing CCPM culture, so they can deliver a huge project to load coal boats in Cerrejon 3 days early.

Jelena Fedurko-Cohen, Estonia, spoke about using Thinking Processes for better decisions, and reminded us when NOT use the cloud and how to communicate our proposals to the CEO and owners.

Jorge Ramirez, a TOC Expert from Bogota, shared how to improve a bottle producer as a job shop.

Natalia Gutierrez, Bogota, CEO of Optica Alemana, presented results of 56% increase in profit in one year, heading to multiply profits by 3 and the end of the year.

Jorge Betancur, Medellin, presented how to move on time delivery from 40% to 90% in one month, and the top management/owners still ask for local efficiencies.

Alejandro Céspedes, TOC Consultant, Medellin, presented 5 steps to improve cash flow and his new book about it.

Alexis Trakman, TOC Expert, Argentina, shared his experience with a client that produces Guiras (musical percusión) and generated a 115% increase in units produced with DBR.

Juan Camilo Trujillo, CEO of WA, shared his experience with big companies that use MRP and ERP to use the inherent simplicity of TOC based software.

Hugo Porras, TOC Expert, shared his implementation for the flower producer market based on DBR and DDMRP.

The presentations in pdf are in Spanish and they are available for the Spanish TOC community. Information info@piensalo.com Enjoy!!

Program (in Spanish)