TOCPA is an international professional platform aimed to share experience of bringing companies and organizations to operational excellence using Theory of Constraints.

TOCPA was founded in 2011 by top TOC Experts and Practitioners from eight countries and is aimed to give TOC practitioners and those interested in TOC the opportunity and ability to grow their knowledge and address practical issues and challenges that they face in their quest of bringing TOC to their organizations or to their clients.

By bringing together TOC professionals that have a deep knowledge of TOC – experts and practitioners that have been working with many organizations, as well as key leaders from companies that have been using TOC – we have created the platform where the strength of the group works together.

TOCPA Founding Members

TOCPA motto is «Sharing experience».

TOCPA is the place for people who know TOC, love TOC and want to deal with practical issues – to contribute to the TOC community and to draw from the wealth of knowledge and experience that exist within the community.

TOCPA membership is by invitation only. This is to ensure that all members have a good base knowledge of TOC and their interest is in making it happen – to implement TOC solutions or TOC methodology with the view of bringing wealth to their organizations. By that we can ensure that the members of TOCPA can get value by spending time together in an informal way – sharing experience and learning from each other.

TOCPA is not in competition with other TOC organizations. It does not compete for work. It does not provide a place for practitioners to fight for work and sell their services. At the same time – TOCPA provides the opportunity for its members to know about the existence of individuals and companies who provide TOC training, consulting and support services as well as TOC software packages.

TOCPA operates internationally and regionally.

TOCPA conducts conferences, master classes, and various TOC events in 18 countries all over the world. The TOCPA library contains over one thousand videos and pdf materials in 7 languages. The TOCPA portal is regularly visited by users from over 100 countries around the globe.     

Currently TOCPA operates in the regions with the following languages:

  • English
  • Russian
  • Lithuanian
  • Chinese
  • Spanish (Latin America)
  • Japanese
  • Portuguese (Brazil)

Directions of Operation

1. Developing, Disseminating and Structuring the TOC knowledge

TOCPA provides TOC knowledge through:

  • conducting conferences and master classes that present latest developments in the TOC knowledge and best practices in TOC implementations all over the world,
  • providing, on the TOCPA portal, video and pdf conference materials and articles in various areas of TOC knowledge and implementation,
  • together with tocExpert Ltd and tocExpert Network, conducting and providing recordings of TOCPA Expert Webinars, 
  • together with tocExpert Ltd, maintaining and facilitating discussions of the professional group TOC Practitioners Worldwide on Facebook,   
  • conducting educational programs through TOCPA Schools International in collaboration with the tocExpert Network,
  • developing and upgrading certified ТОС Trainers-Practitioners,
  • supporting ThinkCamp – an international center for further development of TOC organized and conducted by tocExpert Ltd .

2. Looking into Practicalities of TOC Implementations

3. Sharing experience

  • TOCPA arranges for periodic conferences and meetings that are devoted to members’ presentations, enhanced knowledge and dealing with implementation issues.

4. Providing the opportunity to contact companies and organizations that implement TOC

  • TOCPA provides its members with the opportunity to publish on the TOCPA portal the description of their TOC work and their contact information.


All materials available on the TOCPA site are the intellectual property of their authors and cannot be reproduced in any other media and used for any purposes without the prior permission in writing of the authors.

TOCPA is in process of being trademarked in several regions.


TOC Practitioners Alliance (TOCPA) is a British company, owned by Jelena Fedurko-Cohen and Oded Cohen.

Company Secretary is Martin Powell.

TOCPA Operations Director for Russia is Natalia Anisimova.