CCPM - Critical Chain Project Management

Webinar Andrew Kay Andrew Kay: Using CCPM to stay on course and stay calm in a volatile project environment
37th TOCPA Conference Martin Heritage Managing Software In CCPM Projects
35th TOCPA Conference Donatas Zubrickas Project Management the TOC way: case study, Donatas Zubrickas
Webinar Sanjeev Gupta Sanjeev Gupta: CCPM – Project Factory, 3 Webinars
31st TOCPA Conference Ian Heptinstall CCPM and Construction Projects Necessary but not Sufficient?
31st TOCPA Conference Nerius Jasinavicius Lessons learned while implementing CCPM in Construction Engineering companies
27th TOCPA Conference Jaco Laubscher Lessons Learned after 10 years of selling and implementing CCPM
27th TOCPA Conference Johan Steyn The sole of CCPM,and why CCPM fails (sometimes)
27th TOCPA Conference Galia du Toit & Paul Grobbelaar Integrating CCPM & DBR in a product development company
27th TOCPA Conference Christo Wentzel Centurion Systems CCPM Year 3