TOC Thinking Processes

Webinar Jelena Fedurko-Cohen & Humberto Baptista & Oded Cohen Jelena Fedurko-Cohen, Humberto Baptista & Oded Cohen: Talking about Thinking Processes for Supply Chain
Webinar Ted Hutchin Ted Hutchin: (1) Inherent Simplicity of TOC TP. (2) Transition Tree.
Webinar Jelena Fedurko-Cohen Jelena Fedurko-Cohen: Webinar Series on Thinking Processes and Understanding the Constraint
Webinar Oded Cohen Oded Cohen’s Webinars
32nd TOCPA Conference Jelena Fedurko Insights into working with UDEs and Clouds
32nd TOCPA Conference Michela Rea “Shock and awe” in a family business: overcoming resistances and leading major organizational changes with TOC
31st TOCPA Conference Oded Cohen Using Thinking Processes for Deciding on Market Strategies
31th TOCPA Conference Jelena Fedurko Working with layers of resistance
29th TOCPA Conference Oded Cohen and Jelena Fedurko How the TOC Thinking Processes can be integrated in strategic changing and designing systems
26th TOCPA Conference Oded Cohen-Jelena Fedurko Development of TOC Thinking Processes and their application for companies & individuals