Rob Newbold: Change and the Partnership Paradigm


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Feedback and discussion

Rob, You presented great substitution: the mostly unsuccessful Change Management you proposed to build up Partnership with simple three A. Looks Great.

Jan Ray


I use what I term the three T’s in my interactions with people, which is Transparency leads to Truth which leads to Trust. Often in change situations we are not or tend to be not as transparent as we should be. How key is transparency in the AAA method? I think the use of Vision has become management speak and people start to switch off. Do you think we should be more down to earth and say what it is we think the change will bring in benefits and align those benefits to the change makers? Are we sometimes being too clever? [The questions were answered by Rob during the webinar, the answer is included in the webinar recording]. Thank you to you all for this interesting discussion.

Chris Mackenzie-Grieve


It looks like Partnering and selling/Buy-In any proposed direction of solution to a significant problem are one and the same thing, except in my humble opinion that one is pointing to the Road, or to say it the Follow Up of progress – the initial thing is selling, then control the way of implementation and achievement of agreed objectives. Can you elaborate on this please? What about when the proposed solution is out of the scope or current paradigm where the system is operating, how do you reach agreement on what is required, if don’t have a clue about it? [The questions were answered by Rob during the webinar, the answer is included in the webinar recording.]

Jorge Ramirez


A great webinar with a lot of food for thought. Rob has always a unique approach to things. A change perspective which is to be discussed… thank you Jelena Cohen and Rob. Great webinars!!!!

Spyros Bonatsos