Jelena Fedurko-Cohen, Humberto Baptista & Oded Cohen: Talking about Thinking Processes for Supply Chain

Part 1: Understanding the Core Cloud for Supply Chain

In the recent webinar The Layers of Supply Chain Synchronization, Humberto touched upon several issues regarding TP for Supply Chain, and the two webinars presented on this page are the continuation of this discussion.  

Webinar Part 1 is the exchange of views between Jelena and Humberto. Jelena presents her analysis of the Supply Chain Core Cloud – what is apparent it it and what is ‘between the lines’:

  • looking in detail into the well-known assumptions behind the arrow B-D,
  • making the analysis of the logical clusters,
  • presenting and classifying more assumptions behind B-D.

Jelena and Humberto also discuss the need for more precision and disciplined thinking in working with TP. 

Webinar Part 1 recording

The sound of Part 1 is not great at the start of the recording, but then gets better. The sound of recording of Part 2 is OK.

Pdf of Part 1

Webinar Part 2: Constraint, Thinking Processes and 5 Focusing Steps

Webinar Part 2 is an active discussion between Humberto, Jelena and Oded and important issues of:

  • 5 Focusing Steps as a Thinking Process on its own,
  • what is Constraint and what is not,
  • difference between a Constraint and an Obstacle,
  • the content and the meaning of each of 5 Focusing Steps in relations to specific Thinking Processes tools
  • discussion about the difference between the TP tools that can be used for 5 Focusing steps in the process of developing a solution vs applying a solution.
Webinar Part 2 recording

Pdf of Part 2