TOC - Lean - Six Sigma

Webinar Dr Roy Stratton Dr. Roy Stratton: From flow line to project management: Does TOC offer a unifying theory?
32nd TOCPA Conference Emanuele Strada How to exploit the system’s constraint: TOC -Lean -Six Sigma
31st TOCPA Conference Philip Marris How TOC thinking can and should be connected with Lean and Six Sigma thinking?
23d TOCPA Conference Kathy Austin Using Theory of Constraints, Lean & Six Sigma (TOC-LSS) within Delta Air Lines Operations
23d TOCPA Conference Nerius Jasinavicius CCPM and Lean Construction
21st TOCPA Conference Dr Roy Stratton Viewing TOC in a wider operations context (video)
21st TOCPA Conference Andy Watt and John Muncaster Critical Chain and Agile – Working Together in a Software Environment (Andy Watt and John Muncaster)
Book "Theory of Constraints in Practice" Stratton- Koskela-AlSehaimi-Koskenvesa 7. Applying manufacturing flow theory to construction management (Stratton, Koskela, AlSehaimi and Koskenvesa)
12th TOCPA Conference Nerius Jasinavicius & Augustinas Voldemaras Applying Lean Construction with CCPM in Real Estate Development projects
2nd TOCPA Conference Dr Roy Stratton ТОС, Lean and Six Sigma