21st TOCPA International Conference, 11 November 2015, Northamptonshire, UK

The 21 TOCPA Conference was conducted in conjunction with:

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Video and PDF materials from the 21st TOCPA International Conference

Photos from the 21st TOCPA International Conference

This was a special event in the biography of TOC – celebrating 33 years in the UK!


TOC was born in Israel (started as OPT). In 1982 it came to the UK, the second country outside of Israel, after the introduction to the US.

On 11 November 2015, over eighty five TOC experts, practitioners and managers from different areas of business of all the periods of TOC in the UK gathered to speak about their experience of implementing TOC solutions and methodologies in a variety of organizations and circumstances.

The conference featured 14 presentations in the areas of:

• Thinking Processes
• Logistics management
• Supply Chain
• Healthcare
• Project management
• Strategy

Each presentation brought additional facets and practicalities of the HOW to implement and added to the overall practical know-how of the TOC Practitioners community around the world.