Andrew Kay: Using CCPM to stay on course and stay calm in a volatile project environment

The pdf of the material used in the webinar


In continuation of the discussion

Jim Heffernan

Hi Andrew, I really enjoyed your presentation this evening. You may remember me; we met briefly in Chicago at TOCICO. I worked for more than thirty years in the Telecoms environment in diverse Service Management, Operations, Project Management and Transformation roles. I really understand and appreciate the concrete nature of the issues and obstacles that you highlighted. (I have some of the scars to prove it.) I also spent 8 years as an independent consultant mainly on public service transformation. In 2004, I implemented CCPM in Telecom Eireann in conjunction with Kevin Fox, Ray Immelmann and Sanjeev Gupta. We deployed the Concerto product. Since then I have judiciously applied TOC principles and some Lean Six Sigma over the years but always trying to apply sound project management principles. Often apart from brief reference to bottlenecks or applying the Cloud and PRT, I may not mention TOC at all except to a vital few. Service environments can be very challenging. – High variation, high touch time and often no awareness of the concept or importance of process. 

The main point of my question was that many discussions and papers on CCPM seem to centre on in the detail estimating tasks times, buffers etc. essentially trying to manage within the noise, without  appreciating fully the importance of Project Organisation, Stakeholder Management, Risk planning and risk Management (as opposed to variance management, for which I think buffers do a reasonable job. 

Great job and thank you.