Analysis of Current Reality and Solution for Future Reality with U-shape

The U-shape is a comprehensive logical diagram of TOC entities that participate in the analysis of the current reality and the construction or usage of the solution to create an improved future reality.

The U-shape was established to organize, store and easily retrieve the TOC knowledge. The U-shape is used for the generic TOC solutions such as: MTO, MTA, CCPM, and Distribution. It is also used for developing marketing offers. The U-shape concept is valid for developing and understanding of any solution.

The U-shape can be used to demonstrate the questions of improvement:

  • why change,
  • what to change,
  • what to change to,
  • how to cause the change, and
  • how to sustain the change.

Terms_ENG_U-Shape picture

Source: Oded Cohen and Jelena Fedurko, Theory of Constraints Fundamentals, 2012