Tools, Theory of Constraints

TOC has two sets of tools in accordance with the two sets of solutions:

  • LOGISTICAL SOLUTIONS for managing the flow (of material, products, work in progress, orders, tasks in the project environment, patients in a hospital, etc.)
    • Make to Order – MTO
    • Make to Availability – MTA
    • Purchasing to Order – PTO
    • Purchasing to Availability – PTA
    • Distribution to Availability – DTA
    • Critical Chain Project Management – CCPM
    • analyze the Current Reality (Clouds, UnDesirable Effects – UDEs, Core Cloud, Current Reality Tree – CRT)
    • understand and solve dilemmas and conflicts (Clouds, Assumptions, Injections)
    • develop solutions (direction of the solution, Injection)
    • check the solution for potential negative outcomes (Negative Branch Reservation – NBR)
    • check the solution for bringing about benefits (Future Reality Tree – FRT)
    • structure and record logic and the result of analysis and solution development (U-Shape)
    • identify obstacles on the way of implementing the solution and to build an implementation plan (Intermediate Objectives (IOs) Map, Prerequisite Tree – PRT)
    • record the logic of a process (Transition Tree – TrT)
    • develop strategy and tactic (Strategy and Tactic Tree – S&T)
    • work with people, achieve personal development, collaboration and buy-in, implement changes (all tools listed above, Six layers of resistance)
Source: Oded Cohen and Jelena Fedurko, Theory of Constraints Fundamentals, 2012