7th TOCPA International Conference, 21-24 May 2013, Muldersdrift, South Africa


The 7th International TOCPA Conference and TOCPA Master Classes were held in South Africa on 21-24 May, 2013 in conjunction with TOC Southern Africa.

Program of the 7th International TOCPA Conference and Master Classes

Video and pdf materials from the 7th TOCPA Conference

Photos from the 7th International TOCPA Conference

The 7th TOCPA Conference featured  17 presentations by established TOC Experts and Practitioners from South Africa, Israel and Estonia, with discussions of recent developments and specific issues in TOC implementations. The conference was a professional upgrade and get together of TOC experts and practitioners.


The program covered the following subjects:

  •     Experience of implementing TOC in companies
  •     TOC for Supply Chain Management
  •     Enabling role of TOC software
  •     TOC in mining industry
  •     CCPM
  •     TOC for changing management culture
  •     Logical tools


The TOCPA Conference and Master Classes were hosted and supported by TOC Southern Africa.

All materials available on the TOCPA site are the intellectual property of their authors and cannot be reproduced in any other media and used for any purposes without the prior permission in writing of the authors.

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