36th TOCPA International Conference, 16-19 November 2017, Guangzhou, China


Following the success of the 2014 TOCPA conference, Goldratt Chinese Alliance is hosting the 36th International TOCPA Conference and Master Classes on 16-19 November 2017, in GuangZhou, China.

The conference is conducted as a combination of presentations, discussions and master classes.  

Information  http://www.toc-cga.org/2017itoc/

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16-17 November 2017 – Presentations and Discussions of the latest developments and best TOC practices

Presentations were be given by TOC experts and practitioners from China, Taiwan, Japan, France, Israel, Estonia, and Lithuania.

18-19 November 2017 – Four Master Classes  

Oded Cohen (Israel/Estonia) 

Master Class: Synchronizing Sales and Capacity for continuous growth

Co-Founder and Co-President of TOCPA, with nearly 40 years of experience in developing, teaching and implementing TOC methodology, solutions and implementation processes working directly with Dr. Goldratt all over the world. Oded is the author of Ever Improve – A Guide to Managing Production the TOC Way, he co-authored the book Deming & Goldratt: The Theory of Constraints and the System of Profound Knowledge – The Decalogue, and Theory of Constraints Fundamentals, and wrote a chapter in The TOC Handbook.

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Jelena Fedurko-Cohen (Estonia)

Master-Class: Constructing a Good Strategy & Tactic Tree   

Co-Founder and Co-President of TOC Practitioners Alliance TOCPA and International Director for tocExpert and TOC Strategic Solutions. Since 1999, she has been working with TOC as an international expert, trainer and consultant in all areas of TOC in various countries all over the world. Jelena is the author of four advanced books on TOC Thinking Processes: Behind the Cloud, Through Clouds to Solutions, Typical Mistakes in Working with TOC Logical Tools, A Good Strategy & Tactic Tree, and a co-author of the book Theory of Constraints Fundamentals.

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Eli Schragenheim (Israel)  

Master Class: From Throughput Accounting to Throughput Economics

CEO of Elyakim Management Systems (1992) Ltd.  Co-founder of TOC Global. Eli is the author of the book Management Dilemmas and two chapters for The TOC Handbook, and  co-author of Manufacturing at Warp Speed – with H. William Dettmer, ERP – Tools, Techniques, and Applications for Integrating the Supply Chain – with Carol Ptak, Necessary but not Sufficient – with Eli Goldratt and Carol Ptak, Supply Chain Management at Warp Speed – with H. William Dettmer and J. Wayne Patterson.

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Philip Marris (France) 

Mater Class: Theory Of Constraints and Lean, a win-win combination

CEO of Marris Consulting, a management consultancy based in Paris France. He has worked with over 150 different companies over the past 30 years. He is the author of the French reference book «Le Management Par les Contraintes en gestion industrielle». He is the founder of the LinkedIn “TLS – ToC Lean & Six Sigma” group. He started his TOC journey in 1986 when he joined Creative Output France and worked with Eli Goldratt and his brother Issi Pazgal. 

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Presenters at the 36th International TOCPA Conference


Cheng cheng (China) 

Merchandising management the TOC way


Zhong Sheng (China)

TOC implementation in operation: the Joureny of Ever Improve 

Henry Soo (Hong Kong) 

DataDevelop Consulting

Re-orienting Outside-in TOC Customer Experience with SCOR model 

Zhang Xuechao (China) 

Building a new Measurement System



Yin Dengkuai (China)

The Path of Discovery – Explore the Journey of TOC application in distribution for Automobile Industry


YK Chen (Hong Kong)

Six Sigma Institute 

Practical experience in improving hospitals with TOC



Xiong Yaolan (China)

Bottom up improvement approach in Pharma Plant



Lv Mingzhe (China) 

Dongbei University of Finance

Improve the flow in shop floor to boost the 2nd leap of the company


Li Weiming (China) 

Shorten the Lead Time of Two months by 40% in Cabinet Manufacturing



R. K. Li (Taiwan) 

National Chiao Tung University

Integration of TOC and execution


Ryoma Shiratsuchi (Japan)

Juntos Consulting 

Experience of implementing TOC replenishment solution

pdf Ryoma Shiratsuchi_36 TOCPA_China Nov 2017



Giedrius Balnys (Lithuania)


Transforming distribution and retail companies with TOC replenishment solution


Nerius Jasinavicius (Lithiania) 

TOC Sprendimai

How TOC helps to systemize business and make it non-dependant on the entrepreneur ?

Philip Marris (France) 

Marris Consulting

KEYNOTE: How to find bottlenecks in production and projects

Keynote: introductory video

Jelena Fedurko-Cohen (Estonia) 

tocExpert Ltd, TOC Strategic Solutions

KEYNOTE: Making Change Happen

Keynote: introductory video  


Eli Schragenheim (Israel)

TOC Global

KEYNOTE: The Key TOC Insights   

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 Oded Cohen (Israel/Estonia) 

tocExpert Ltd, TOC Strategic Solutions

KEYNOTE: Becoming a Better CEO

Introductory video

We are looking forward to a great conference!

Participants of the 15th TOCPA Conference in GuangZhou, November 2014: 


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