52nd TOCPA Conference, 16-17 May 2024, Atlanta, USA


We are proud to announce the 52nd TOCPA Conference to be hosted by YMMC – Yamaha Motors Manufacturing Corporation, USA.

To successfully manage a system, one needs to know exactly what they are doing. This means the combination of knowing your system and understanding which your moves result in which response of the system.  This is what the 52nd TOCPA Conference is about.

We are thankful to YMMC for hosting the conference and arranging a plant tour for the conference participants.

Location: 1000 HWY 34E, Newnan, GA 30265, USA

Participation in the conference is by invitation.


Oded Cohen

Founder and Co-President of TOCPA,  Israel/Estonia


Focus and Control: further development of TOC MTO 

The specifics of every supply chain impact performance of its production units as they are incorporated into the IT and managerial systems.  Oded will focus on further developments of MTO in companies within the automotive supply chains. In the discussion thereafter, we will also talk about modifications for other industries.

Oded’s  profound knowledge and expertise in production planning and management has brought numerous companies to fast and sustainable performance improvement. Since 2008, Oded’s book Ever Improve has been a handbook for production and supply chain managers in Make-to-Order and Make-to-Availability environments. Oded will be speaking about the crucial role of Control for successfully managing flow. 

Takahiro Imanishi

CEO, Yamaha Motor Manufacturing Corp. of America, USA


YMMC’s story in the pandemic 

How YMMC had worked before pandemic, what happened during pandemic, how we recovered the base, and what is the viable vision in next years.


Takahiro Imanishi has a long and successful career in Yamaha Motors operating in Japan, Brazil and USA. He is a visionary and outstanding leader who has reshaped supply chain within the company achieving significant conceptual and practical improvements.    

Ryoma Shiratsuchi

Co-President of Juntos Consulting Inc.
Director of Asahi Glassplant Inc., Chief Operations Officer of AGI International, Japan

Building Virtual One Factory (VOF)

Ryoma will present the journey on building Virtual One Factory (VOF) for AGI Group. VOF aims to maintain attractive response times to the market regardless of capacity status and provides a solution for timely offloading from a capacity-constrained system to a market-constrained system.

Ryoma Shiratsuchi is the Co-President of Juntos Consulting Inc. and has 20 years of TOC experience as practitioner, trainer and consultant. Since 2007, he has been working with over 20 companies for implementing TOC logistical solutions – MTO, MTA and CCPM.


Keita Asaine

CEO of Juntos Co. Ltd., Co-President of Juntos Consulting Inc.
Visiting Associate Professor at Kyushu Institute of Technology (KIT)

2Tier CCPM for manufacturing and IT

Keita Asaine will share two cases  looking into challenges in synchronizing with suppler and implementing 2Tier CCPM for assembly, and in rapid implementing 2Tier CCPM for IT infrastructure division of one of the top ranked Japanese companies.

Keita Asaine holds PhD in Engineering. He has over 15 years of TOC experience as practitioner, trainer and consultant. He teaches Production and Project management for Masters program at Kyushu Institute of Technology (KIT).


Giedrius Balnys

Founder and CEO of StockM, Lithuania

Focus on the problem!

Giedruis will present several cases from different industries demonstrating  successful change in business practices due to focusing on the real problem.  Giedrius will make a point that people communicate with each other in terms of what they are going to do. If they communicated in terms of what are the problems that they want to solve  – this could remove misunderstandings and align them to find and execute the right solution. 

Giedrius Balnys has 20 years of experience and well over 150 successful TOC implementations in supply chains internationally. He is a founder and CEO of StockM, a provider of stock management software and implementation services for distribution, retail and production since 2007.  

Kenichiro Yokoyama 

Assistant to Senior Division Manager, Production Strategy Division of YMMC


Purpose & background of PTA (Purchase to Availability) in YMMC

Kenichiro Yokoyama has 18 years of experience in Production Control at Yamaha Motor (12 years in Japan, 5 years in India, and 1 year in US). He is working on improvement activities with overseas factories around the world to improve supply and demand adjustment.

Jay Phillips 

Division Manager, Purchasing Division of YMMC


Procurement management at Yamaha Motor using PTA

Jay Phillips has 30 years of experience in Purchasing at Yamaha Motor. He is responsible for 3 units: Material Control (parts ordering/expediting); Purchasing Planning – New Model Development, Supplier Environmental and Regulatory Activities; and Procurement – Existing Parts and New Model Sourcing. Prior to being in management Jay has worked in all areas of Purchasing at YMMC. Outside of Yamaha Jay worked 2 years as a commodity manager at Blue Bird Corporation an American bus manufacturer.

Qingxi Meng 

Data Analyst, Purchasing Division of YMMC


Monitoring and progress management of purchased parts at Yamaha Motor

Qingxi Meng has 16 years of experience in marketing (China & Singapore), 1.5 years as an assembler on ROV production line and 2 years as a purchasing data analyst in YMMC.


Jianhang Ou

Vice General Manager, Yamaha Motor Solutions Co., Ltd. Xiamen, China


A leading sports ball OEM/ODM manufacturer’s TOC/DDMRP journey

This sports ball enterprise, located in south China, was facing rapid growth, resulting in difficulties in production planning and material control. The company successfully implemented TOC/DDMRP software toolkit to support daily operations, and achieved significant improvements. 

Jianhang Ou has 25 years of experience in IT/DX, serving customers inside and outside the group. In 2012, he encountered TOC and realized its simplicity and support of logical thinking. He began to practice CCPM, MTA, embedded TOC methods in software, and organized TOC seminars. He was the main translator of Chinese Version of <Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning, Version 3>, DDLP, and led the first software implementation in China that meets DDI’s DDMRP-Compliant-Software Certification.


Rob Newbold

Founder and CEO of ProChain Solutions, USA


Beyond the Project Manifesto

Rob Newbold wrote the prize-winning book The Project Manifesto to illustrate in a simple way some key principles behind Critical Chain project management. He will discuss what the manifesto is and what he has learned over the past 10 years about why it’s right—and why it isn’t.

Rob Newbold is CEO and founder of ProChain Solutions, a leading provider of Critical Chain software and implementation services since 1997. Rob is one of the world’s leading experts on Critical Chain project scheduling and management. He is a frequent writer and speaker and holds degrees from Stanford and Yale. He is the author of several books on Critical Chain and project management.

Sanjeev Gupta

Founder and CEO of Realization Technologies, USA


90-day Turn Arounds

It’s not just Alex Rogo’s plant in The Goal, but rather every operations-intensive business, large or small, can be turned around in 90 days. Based on his experience as CEO of Africa’s largest mine, which was turned around in 90 days, Sanjeev will discuss why and how so, and also the traps and mistakes to avoid.

Sanjeev Gupta is a turnaround CEO, a software entrepreneur, and a student of TOC and Flow. After helping turn a factory around as a middle manager at Xerox, he founded Thru-Put Technologies to help medium sized US manufacturers become more profitable and competitive. Then he founded Realization Technologies. He and his team at Realization have helped organizations like the US Navy, the US Air Force, Boeing, BHP Billiton, Larsen & Toubro, and more than 350 others bring in their projects 20-50% faster. Last year, he led the turnaround of Vulcan, Africa’s largest mine, as its CEO.

Jeffrey Schraeder

Founder and CEO of Circles of Clarity, USA

Management as a profession

Jeff will present his views on how important the people are in the TOC equation and that strong management is key to enduring success.



Jeff works with large organizations incorporating TOC principles. As much of this work is focused on the structure and health of the organization as it is on the organization’s processes. Jeffrey has worked with: Bell Labs – Analog to Digital era, IBM – Modern Mainframe era, and served as: COO of a technology company, Strategic Advisor to the President Continental Insurance and Director of Systems Engineering – STK.

Artur Prees

Managing Director and Board Member, CPI Vertex Estonia, A CPI Satcom & Antenna Technologies Company, Estonia 


Co-designing with clients

We manufacture earth station antennas for satellite communication, radio telescopes, deep space antennas and other equipment. Usually clients do not involve manufacturers/subcontractors in the new product design. It is not uncommon that when the product gets to the manufacturing site, it takes the manufacturer weeks or even months to get client approvals for the required design changes, or that due to time pressure and design budget limitations manufacturability is sacrificed. CPI Vertex Estonia design engineers and workshop supervisors help clients to overcome these difficulties through clients sharing with us early-stage designs.


Artur Prees has over 15 years of experience in different positions in a company that manufactures earth station antennas for satellite communication, radio telescopes and deep space antennas for the group companies, as well as industrial equipment for external clients.

Jelena Fedurko-Cohen

Founder and Co-President of TOCPA,  Estonia

The underappreciated power of the question ‘What for’

Jelena will present her latest development – a new logical tool called the Branch Three What fors. The purpose of this logical tool is to ensure that effort and capacity spent for doing an action will bring expected results. Jelena will show two applications: (1) checking a suggested action and (2) developing a solution from scratch.  

Jelena is one of the world’s leading experts in the TOC Thinking Processes. Her further development of the TOC logical tools and creating the Simplified Thinking Processes, as well as her four major books on TP have provided TOC practitioners and numerous companies all over the world with improved tools for developing and checking solutions. At the conference Jelena will also present her new book “The Power of the Question What for: A Practical Guide How to Bring Results”.