15th TOCPA International Conference, 14-17 November 2014, Guangzhou, China


The 15th TOCPA International Conference TOC SUMMIT was held in Guangzhou, China, on 14-15 November, 2014, followed  by two days of Master Classes presented by Oded Cohen and Jelena Fedurko. The conference was organised by Chinese Goldratt Alliance  

Program of the 15th TOCPA International Conference

Videos and pdf from the 15th TOCPA International Conference

Photos from the 15th TOCPA International Conference

The big picture. The total of 110 participants in one picture, catching the historical moment.


The four day TOC Summit in China, co-organized by TOCPA and CGA – Chinese Goldratt Alliance, was a great professional event with presenters and participants from Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Israel, Estonia and Lithuania. Some of the presentations were conducted in English, and some in Chinese. (The conference website: http://www.toc-cga.org/2014iTOC/ )


The Theme of the conference was “Ever Improve the TOC Way.” The big background poster in the conference room with the cloud arrow flying to the sky, that presents the “synergy and spirit” of every person can reach a full life and even the sky is not the limit.本次高峰会的主题是”TOC持续改善之道”,会议厅的大看板呈现一个向上飞扬的云箭头,表示”同心协力的综效与精神”,每个人可实现有意义的生活,如天空般无可限量。

The two photo-shows of the 15th International TOCPA Conference on Youtube:



Description of the conference presentations 以下是高峰会的简述。

Frances Su

Opening: Ever Improve the TOC way 

开幕 : TOC持续改善之道

1Welcome, on the behalf of TOCPA and CGA, Frances Su expressed the sincere appreciation to the participants for their contribution and support, and sending the best wish for a successful conference.




Frances Su is the leader of CGA and co-founder of TOCPA, mainly develops and  disseminates the TOC knowledge, and supports the TOC professional community, including consultancy, academia and industries.



Oded Cohen

TOC for Financial Decision Making


2The presentation highlighted significance and importance of Throughput over cost. Examples were given to demonstrate the use of T-I-OE for operational and strategic levels and the way they were used in supporting management incorporating the five focusing steps in the way they manage their systems.


Video and pdf


Oded Cohen is International Director of TOC Strategic Solutions Ltd and Founder and Co-President of TOCPA, has 40 years of experience in developing, teaching and implementing TOC methodology, solutions and implementation processes working directly with Dr. Goldratt all over the world. Oded has authored multiple TOC articles and contributed to numerous TOC books.

可汗欧德是TOC Strategic Solutions的全球总监,和TOCPA的共同创办人与理事长,具有40多年的开发,教学与实施TOC方法、方案与项目的经验,直接与高德拉特博士共事,是多本TOC书籍的作者。


Dr. Mingzhe Lu

The Breakthrough of Flow Mystery


3This presentation showed an organization’s operation efficiency can be measured by the flow with a huge improvement opportunity, by clarifying the flow mechanics, understanding the managers’ decision making behavior, identifying common sense vs. erroneous assumptions, and logically interpret and implement TOC solutions.


Video and pdf


Dr. Mingzhe Lu is the Associate Professor of Dongbei University of Finance and Economics, and the General manager of Dalian Runkey Consulting Co., has done the TOC implementations, such as Masumoto(Dalian) Wood Co. Dalian Shengyou Wood Door Products Co., Dalian Yixiu Stairs Factory, and Dalian Sanlin Wood Co.


Yungang Duan

TOC Applications in Marketing and Sales


4This presentation applied the TOC five focusing steps to overcome the shortcoming of the traditional approaches of marketing and sales, in exploiting sales opportunities by pulling the market attention, such as the product-value reposition and market proposition.


Video and pdf

image021 image019
Yungang Duan has 8 years’ experience of production line management in large state-owned enterprise and 14 years’ experience in marketing management,is committing to the application and promotion of TOC in marketing management in China.段云刚具有8年大型国企生产一线管理经验,14年市场营销及管理经验,致力于TOC市场与销售中国化应用与推广工作。
Xuechao Zhang
The TOC Distribution Management Project of The Southern Cake Industry Co., Hunan
5This presentation shared the TOC implementation in the cookie and cake supply chain, including Consensus and goal defined for TOC distribution, 15 steps of implementation from TOC distribution, and Reflection on problems and opportunities from implementation.

Xuechao Zhang was the general manager of Wuhan JIREN Food Co. Ltd. the Distribution Center Manager, Yum (Restaurant) Wuhan Company, the marketing trainer of Wuhan Tingyi Food Co., Ltd. and manufacturing department director andWuhan Business Director of Ting Hsin group; he now is the consultant of the 6 distributors of cookie and cake industry.张学超曾任武汉吉人食品公司总经理,百胜(餐饮)武汉公司配销中心经理,武汉顶益食品公司制造部主管,武汉营业所所长,顶新集团营销培训师,现任六家饼业经销商企业的顾问。


Jelena Fedurko

Analyzing Current Reality –Two Approaches to the Current Reality Tree 

现况分析 两种现

况图的应用方式6There are two major ways to construct the CRT. The presentation described both approaches and focused on one that was less know to the TOC community – the three clouds approach. This approach had been proven to bring better quality CRT especially in the area of identifying the core problem.专题演讲,画CRT的两种方法,着重讲述TOC社群甚少了解的另外一种方法-三疑云图。此方法已被多次验证,能更好地构建CRT,尤其是在发现核心问题方面。

Video and pdf


Jelena Fedurko is a Co-Founder and Co-President of TOC Practitioners Alliance and International Director of TOC Strategic Solutions, is a TOC expert, trainer and consultant, also has many publications.佛高依莲娜是TOCPA共同创办人及TOC Strategic Solutions的全球总经理,是TOC专家,教练与顾问,并有不少著作。


ML Chao

Same Machines. More Profit.

相同机器. 更多利润.

7This presentation showed how to find out the “hidden winner” orders by identifying useful and meaningful information, in order to effectively make decisions on some pricing adjustments and bring more profitable orders.

专题演讲,透过辨识有用与有意义的信息,来找出” “隐藏赢家”订单,以利有效地做出某些价格调整的决策,并带来更多较高利润的订单。

Video and pdf


ML Chao is the CEO of PVS, in charge of Asia business, having over 35 years of experience with a number of multi-national corporations, including about 18 years working in Hong Kong and Taiwan areas, with a lot of experience in production, operation, marketing and sales, and M&A activities.


Paul Yeh

Overcoming the Inefficiency of Multi-tasking : Concerto Enterprise Project Management Software.

克服多重任务之低效率:Concerto  企业项目管理软件之应用

8This presentation showed how the software was used to track project progress in real time that replaces the old-fashioned, hierarchical management reporting system, for enabling the consistent visibility of project execution and task prioritization among all levels of management in an organization. 专题演讲,使用软件系统即时追踪项目的进度,取代老式的阶层管理的报告系统,能使组织内的所有管理层具有前后一致的项目执行与任务优先顺序的能见度。

Video and pdf


Paul Yeh is the seasoned management consulting professional with 13 years in ERP software industry, providing turnkey solutions to Global 1000 and government clients. Paul joined Realization since 2005.



Jianhang Ou

The Application Experience of YMSLX CCPM in the Software Development 


9This presentation shared that Yamaha Motor Solutions Xiamen applied CCPM for the large-scale development, and achieved the significant results on the promised due-date, stable quality, kept the budget and also passing on the project management experience. 实施分享,雅马哈发动机集团旗下的雅马哈信息公司,引进CCPM以应对2013年一个大型软件开发项目,并最终实现保证交期、稳定质量、保持预算及传承项目管理经验等显著效果。

Video and pdf


Jianhang Ou is the Vice General Manager/Director of Yamaha Motor Solutions Xiamen, in charge of the focused projects such as Total Quality Management System, CCPM implementation in YMSLX, ERP (A1-Series) Grand design/Development and the new generation of IT Architecture & Methodology Innovation.

欧建杭是雅马哈发动机(厦门)信息系统有限公司 董事/副总经理,负责重点项目如TQMS全面质量管理体系,TOC CCPM改善活动,企业A1-ERP产品设计研发,和YNA新一代技术架构革新活动。


Ir. Dr. YK Chanand Sebastian Chan

TOCLSS – A Focus, Speedy and Simple Improvement Approach

TOCLSS – 一种聚焦, 快速及简易的改善途径

10This presentation cited a number of case studies that use of the TOCLSS approach to produce rapid and dramatic results, including manufacturing, IT support, supply chain, and health service.


Video and pdf


Ir. Dr. YK Chan is the chairman of Six Sigma Institute and the Visiting Professor of Beijing Normal University. The SSI achieved the national six sigma management award, for its significant contribution in the past 10 years.



Sebastian Chan is the general manager of SBTI-HK Ltd and the Visiting Professor of GuangDong Engineering College. He is a senior consultant and deployment leader for operations and transactional Six Sigma. He has rich experience in integrating Lean Management and Six Sigma methodology and TOC into training and deployment programs.



Dr. Gordon Hwang

The Implementation of TOC Demand-pull Replenishment in the Fashion Industry


11This presentation shared the supply chain management system with the integrated pull and push applications, and by focusing on raising inventory turns as the primary measurement. 实施分享,应用整合之拉与推式的供应链管里系统,并且聚焦在库存周转数为首要的绩效指标。

Video and pdf


Dr. Gordon Hwang is the Director of Supply China, FastFist Cor., before joining the company, he was a senior consultant in TOC implementation and more than 10 years of experience with a large enterprises and research institute.



Tom Huang

The TOC Application and Thinking on the Credit Approval Management in the Banking Service


12This presentation shared the commercial bank in China adopted TOC with the changed operation, it gained the significant improvement in due-date and lead-time performance. 黄勇具有超过20年信贷审批与风险管理工作,目前负责上海浦东发展银行总行授信审批部,自2001年起研读与在工作上使用TOC。

Video and pdf


Tom Huang has more than 20 years of credit approval and risk management experience, is in charge of the Dept of Credit Approval, SPD Bank Shanghai, since 2001 he has studied TOC and used in the work.



Rex Yin

SDBR Production Improvements Case Study


13This presentation shared the significant improvement by applying the TOC production solution to a manufacture of Transmission shaft for the inventory/WIP, production lead time and due date performance.


 Video and pdf



Rex Yin is the member of VV project leader program, associated with CGA, involved in projects like Nanjing Donghua Bearing (Automotive), Pengjun Shoe Material and Shenzhen Chunyu Printing. 殷旨艺是”可行愿景”项目领导训练计划与高德拉特协会成员,参与项目如上海汽车集团-南京东华传动轴(汽车零件),任鹏逡鞋材(鞋类生产)及深圳淳宇印刷(印刷行业)。


Will Jin

Focus on the core problem of a company


14This presentation showed Management attention is the ultimate constraint of the system.  A lot of companies’ management make 3 managerial mistakes: Imposing simplicity on complexity; Imposing certainty on uncertainty; Imposing harmony on conflicts


Video and pdf


Will Jin joint Goldratt Consulting in Mar 2011 as a viable vision expert, and focusing on TOC implementing in China, having the experience in Experience in the TOC applications as S&T, MTO, MTA, CCPM, MRO, TA, etc.

金光是高德拉特咨询机构的可行愿景专家,2011年3月加入GC,致力于TOC在中国的推广与应用 TOC解决方案,含企业的整体战略战术图,生产MTO、为可得性生产MTA、项目管理CCPM、MRO,以及有效产出会计TA等等。


Louis Chan

TOC Software Application and Implementation


15A good TOC software is a powerful tool to TOC consultants in project implementation. This presentation discussed the benefits it brought, with illustration using real cases from production and distribution environment.


Video and pdf


Louis Chan founded P2 SOLUTIONS in 2005. Represent, promote and implement TOC software. Successful completed numerous projects in different fields in collaboration with TOC consultants. 陈荣进2005 年创立 P2 SOLUTIONS 公司,代理及实施TOC 生产,配销及关键链软件系统,与TOC 顾问合作,成功实施了众多行业的管理提升项目。


Freeman Yang

The Path of TOC Operational Management and Ongoing Improvement


16This presentation shared the successful TOC implementation led by the owner of the company, besides the significantly improved production performance, the more important was about reestablishing the way of teamwork.实施分享,由公司老板领导TOC的生产改善项目,除了取得生产绩效上的显著成绩之外,更重要的是改造团队工作的模式。

Video and pdf


Freeman Yang with PMP/MBA is in involved in the Viable Vision” Project Leader Program and associated with Chinese Goldratt Alliance.



Jinxiang Han and Yanmei Li

The TOC Implementation in Zengben Dalian Furniture Factory


17This presentation shared the journey of TOC implementation for transforming the furniture manufacturer into a reliable and faster delivery company with right quality, so that it could meet the demands of Japanese clients.


Video and pdf


Jinxiang Han is Director of the office of secretary of general manager, mainly responsible for implementing, managing policy. TOC project supervision group leader.



Yanmei Li is mainly responsible for production quality, to collect the poor quality data for analysis. The TOC import the project team members.



Susan Chen

The TOC Implementation in the Taiwan Manufacturer of Machine-tool Components 


18This presentation shared the application of the Cohen’s MTO model and due the company culture and traditional measurement of quantity mindset, it took a longer time for making progress than the expectation.


Video and pdf


Susan Chen with 20 years of experience in the area of Industrial Engineering and Management, involved in TOC implementation especially in electronic, semiconductor, and machinery tools. She is co-translator of the book -“Ever Improve.”



Dr. Rong-Kwei Li

Learning to Make and Control Production Plans Effectively with Gsim


19This presentation introduced what Gsim was, developed for the learning of TOC production, using a case study to expose the reason of poor scheduling and implementation for operators, and to validate the mechanism of TOC SDBR. 专题演讲,Gsim主要用来学习TOC 生产管理,介绍Gsim模拟工具,并以此工具设计一学习案例,让生产计划与执行人员,了解生产计划与执行的主因,并验证TOC SDBR生产管理机制的有效性。

Video and pdf


Dr. Rong-Kwei Li is the Professor of Industrial Engineering and Management, Hsinchu Chiao Tung University, having teaching and conducting TOC projects for about 30 years, specialized in TOC and strategic decision analysis. 李荣贵博士是新竹交通大学工业工程与管理系教授,从事TOC教学与改善项目已有约30年经验,尤其在TOC与策略决策分析方面。


Jadis Hsu

The Persuading Tool of Delivering TOC Throughput Accounting


20The presentation showed the TOC duck game used to convince customers, explaining how labor and operating expenses were linked to products, and how strategic decisions were misled by product cost, etc.


Video and pdf


Jadis Hsu is the business consultant of InfoFab inc, and associated with CGA. He is the TOCICO certified Application Expert in supply-chain logistics, with many years of experience in TOC implementation.



Nerius Jasinavicius

Elevating the cash constraint


21This presentation shared a company was really constrained by cash and had to completely change the way of decision making on pricing, ordering and purchasing in order to subordinate to the cash constraint. 实施分享,一家公司确实存有现金制约,而必须完成改变决定价格,订单与采购的方式,以便充分配合现金制约因素。

 Video and pdf


Nerius Jasinavicius is a founder of TOC sprendimai and a founding Member of TOCPA. He is a TOCICO certified SC, TP Certified Management Consultant.

Nerius JasinaviciusTOC sprendimai的创办人,TOCPA共同创办人,服务特殊客户的顾问,是TOCICO的认证专家于SC, TP方面。


Amy Jin and Oded Cohen

Presentation of the Chinese edition of the book Ever Improve – A Guide to Managing Production the TOC Way by Oded Cohen

新书发表:持续改善 – TOC生产管理指南



During the new book presentation, Amy Jin, the Vice President, Economics and Management Division of Publishing House of Electronics Industry, asked Oded Cohen the following questions:

1. There are many TOC books in the market, what purpose the EI book can achieve that is different from other books? Especially, the Goldratt’s 6 books, in fact, many people are not clear the uniqueness among the 6 books, if you can also talk about them briefly)?

2. In the process of creating the EI book, what and how had you considered the contents of each parts and together as a whole?

3. In the EI book, there is the U-shape diagram, seems to be a very useful tool, can you briefly describe the concept, practices and its impact?

4. In China, there is still a need to further develop people’s understanding of the TOC concept and practice. Can you share your experience about how other countries have done on bringing TOC to the market and how companies’ implementation on TOC solutions?

5.  And, for the TOC professionals, promoters, and those interested in TOC, please give them encouragement, expectation, and guideline on what things should do and what should not do?


在新书发表中,电子工业出版社经济管理分社  副社长晋晶的提问如下:

  1. 国内外市场上有很多TOC的图书,持续改善这本书能达到什么目的,跟其他书不同之处? 尤其是高德拉特的6本书,其实,许多人还不清处那6本书个别的特殊之处,你是否也能简单谈一谈?
  2. 在创作持续改善这本书是,您是如何考虑每章与整体的内容?
  3. 在持续改善这本书里,提到可汗U形图,似乎是一个非常有用的工具,请简单介绍一下它的理念,实践及作用?
  4. 国内对TOC的原理和实践的理解,还有待进一步开展。可否分享你经验中TOC进入其他国家,和企业实施TOC方案的经验?
  5. 对TOC的专业人士推广者爱好者,请给他们一些鼓励,期许,和什么该做及什么不该做的指导?


Panel discussion: TOC – the past, now and into the future

座谈会: TOC – 过去,现在,未来

Video and pdf


The 5 panelists presented the 5 professional areas, they shared their TOC related experiences and thought, and the session was coordinated by 2 senior consultants (Lufei Bao and Henry Soo)for the following topics:

  • The Total Brand Management under TOC TOC下的全面品牌管理
  • TOC Application for Investments TOC于投资的应用
  • The Integrated Applications of TOC and Lean TOC与Lean整合应用
  • Applying Coaching Mode in Promoting TOC应用教练模式在TOC的推动
  • TOC Experience Sharing in Service Industry TOC于服务业的经验分享


The coordinators: Lufei Bao包绿菲, and Herny Soo苏超良。



The panelists: Jane Wu 吴垠, Henry Tai 戴汉良, J.P. Chao 赵智平, Lillian Lin 林丽铃, and Xiaoping Yang杨小平


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