35th TOCPA International Conference, 9-10 November 2017, Vilnius, Lithuania

The 35th International TOCPA Conference and Master Classes in Vilnius, Lithuania.

This is the third year that a TOCPA Conference is conducted by TOC Sprendimai. 


Videos in English from the 35th TOCPA conference

Videos in Lithuanian from the 35th TOCPA conference

9 November 2017 – Conference Presentations

Dr. Andrea Zattoni (Italy)

The Challenge of Antifragility: An effective way to manage organizations in complex and uncertain environments

Oded Cohen (Israel/Estonia)

The TOC buffer is a managerial mechanism – it is not “on top of”, “in case”, or “for contingency”


Jelena Fedurko-Cohen (Estonia)

Subordinating Local to Global

Donatas Zubrickas (Lithuania)

Project Management the TOC way, case study

Nerius Jasinavičius (Lithuania)

Challenges of maintaining managerial focus

Mantas Sūdžius (Lithuania)

Building the TOC S&T Tree.
How the S&T Tree can help organize work of director of the company

Dr. Andrius Melninkaitis (Lithuania)

Challenges of serving hi-tech industry customers: TOC lessons learned at Lidaris

Justinas Sinkevičius (Lithuania)

5 quick wins in manufacturing process

Rytis Šatkauskas (Lithuania)

Inventory management system – challenges and achievements. Case study

Giedrius Balnys (Lithuania)

First steps to successful inventory management

10 November 2017 – Master Classes

Synchronizing sales and capacity for continuous growth

Oded Cohen (Israel/Estonia) 

Co-Founder and Co-President of TOCPA, with nearly 40 years of experience in developing, teaching and implementing TOC methodology, solutions and implementation processes working directly with Dr. Goldratt all over the world. Oded is the author of Ever Improve – A Guide to Managing Production the TOC Way, he co-authored the book Deming & Goldratt: The Theory of Constraints and the System of Profound Knowledge – The Decalogue, and Theory of Constraints Fundamentals, and wrote a chapter in The TOC Handbook.

Constructing a Good Strategy & Tactic Tree

Jelena Fedurko-Cohen (Estonia)  

Co-Founder and Co-President of TOC Practitioners Alliance TOCPA and International Director for tocExpert and TOC Strategic Solutions. Since 1999, she has been working with TOC as an international expert, trainer and consultant in all areas of TOC in various countries all over the world. Jelena is the author of four advanced books on TOC Thinking Processes: Behind the Cloud, Through Clouds to Solutions, Typical Mistakes in Working with TOC Logical Tools, A Good Strategy & Tactic Tree, and a co-author of the book Theory of Constraints Fundamentals.

Kaip sukurti verslo inovacijų proveržį? Naujų produktų ir paslaugų kūrimas

Nerius Jasinavicius (Lithuania)  

Managing partner of a consulting company TOC Sprendmai, a Founding Member of TOCPA. Since early 2000 he has been actively working as a TOC expert and trainer in Lithuania, Romania, Russia, Moldova, Ukraine, and other countries. Nerius is the author of a TOC book “Nuo amato prie verslo. Pradzia” (From Craftsmanship to Business. Beginning), published in Lithuanian and now being translated to English and Russian.      

The conference was conducted in English and Lithuanian, with translation.

Information  http://www.toc.lt/tocpa/ or nerius@toc.lt